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Florida Hemp Association – In the News

Is Florida poised for a hemp “green rush?”

Rumors of a cannabidiol, or CBD, crackdown by Sarasota police may have been premature. Reportedly the Sarasota Police Department received a half dozen or more complaints of illness from people who used the hemp extract. Police threatened to issue warnings [...]

Is Florida poised for a hemp “green rush?”

Jean-Sebastien Gros has been involved in agribusiness for decades, including a long stint farming salmon in the south of Chile. He relocated his agribusiness to Putnam County several years ago to introduce what he calls a “farm-to-fork” culture in his [...]

Florida’s new hemp industry buoyed by CBD demand

Hemp has been hyped as a lifesaver for Florida farmers, touted as a versatile crop that can be used to build houses, feed livestock and create clothing. But it’s the plant’s healing qualities that have sparked a second cannabis “green [...]

Takeaways from Tallahassee — Hemp on horizon?

There appears to be a concerted effort between the state and federal government toward making industrial hemp a mainstream commodity. At the end of June, the U.S. Senate passed the 2018 Farm Bill by an 86-11 vote. Among the provisions: [...]

Nikki Fried creates new position of ‘Director of Cannabis’

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried on Friday said she has now created a position of “Director of Cannabis” under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. “We will be naming a Director of Cannabis in the coming weeks,” she said in a media availability after [...]

Takeaways from Tallahassee — Whole lotta hemp

Federal progress, pilot projects, new legislation, and recent key state hires clarify that hemp is what’s happening. Complementing this culmination: The newly launched Florida Hemp Industries Association. The new association will focus on connecting individuals and companies to the Sunshine State’s burgeoning [...]

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